2018 Reading Challenge

Hi there! The second half of 2017 has been full. I’ve been working at the bookstore, teaching new students, and playing music with a lot of people.  I began the process of querying my first novel and drafting a second one. In November, my husband and I bought our first house.

Yes, after lots of looking, planning, discussion and the requisite paperwork, we are finally homeowners! It’s an exciting thing all around, but let’s talk about the best part: finally having room for all my books.

Pictured: Many of my books in piles on the floor. Not all of my books. Not by a long shot

You would think that given my newfound space, and my fantastic employee discount at the store, I’d be amped to buy a whole bunch of books. You would not be wrong in your assessment of my character. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I want to tell you about my reading goals.

I’m not going to buy any books next year.

I know. It flies in the face of OMG NEW HOUSE NEW BOOKSHELVES glee. Let’s be real, though—I have the whole rest of my life to fill those shelves. One year off from spending money on my greatest weakness (besides maybe food) can’t hurt.

Luckily, I’m not alone. I have a couple of good bookseller friends who have decided to not-buy with me. We met up last week to discuss this and our other reading goals, and we laid down some ground rules (which vary from individual to individual, but here are mine):

  1. No buying books for myself. That includes new, used, and ebooks.
  2. If I mess up and buy a book, I have to get rid of another book.
  3. When giving books away as per rule #2, I can’t accept any kind of money or trade for it.

That’s it. Zero Sum Book Challenge 2018. Do you like how my list of rules is mostly loopholes? My willpower isn’t that strong, I had to put some checks on myself. Who else is doing a reading challenge for next year? Tell me what they are. I’ll be over here getting friendly with my local library.