My Year So Far, and What’s Coming Next

Hello lovelies! January is flying by, I think in part because I’m not used to winter in North Carolina. Shouldn’t I be hip deep in snow and miserable right now? But anyways, I did promise you an update about what to expect from me in the coming months, so here goes…


As of about a week ago, I’m working full time again! My schedule is still settling in, but right now I’m teaching instrument lessons 1-2 days a week and working at a bookstore the rest of the days. I promise this blog won’t turn into “Andie’s Adventures in Retail,” but my employee discount is pretty sweet and should give me sufficient fodder for book-type blogging.


I want to keep discovering new books, series, and authors, but I also want to read deeply, to really engage with the texts. I’m going to start by re-reading some books I consider influences, but maybe haven’t visited in a while. On top of the pile right now are Stephen King’s On Writing, Mary Doria Russel’s The Sparrow, and Cate Tiernan’s Speak series. I’ll let you know how that’s going periodically.


…is a thing that I do, still. Draft six of the novel is underway, currently. More tidbits about that process on my Twitter, as always.


 If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you know that I’m super excited for the second season of The Magicians, which starts next week. The show has moved to Wednesday nights, so I’ll be posting recaps here every Thursday. Looking forward to yelling about that with all of you.

So that’s what’s coming up for me in 2017! What’s new with you?