The Magicians 2.4, “The Flying Forest”

This week I’ve been working a bunch and desperately trying not to catch the nasty cold that’s cutting a swath through my coworkers. On the more positive side, I’ve been writing and playing music and spending time with people I like, but those things also take a toll physically and emotionally. What I’m trying to say, here, is that I really wanted to just watch The Magicians tonight and enjoy it, without worrying about cranking out a coherent 500-1000 word recap.

Instead, I decided to live tweet the show. It’s not as comprehensive as my usual, but it was still fun. The official show account teased me for criticizing the writing, but I stand by what I said. Here’s a storify of my tweets from the hour:

Like I said, not as much detail as we’re used to, but if there are things I missed that you want to discuss, hit me up in the comments!

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